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0051166Retail ModulesWeb POSpublic2022-12-15 12:442022-12-15 13:11
0051166: prevent calls from POS to Backoffice when one item is scanned
Using the module org.openbravo.retail.scanreceipt when one item is scanned, a request is done to Backoffice searching one Receipt with a document number equal to the product scanned. So, if it exists, the Receipt is loaded

It causes always one product is scanned, one request is done to backoffice, and this request could be slow.

Attached, you can find a patch that it is doing the call to backoffie only if the code scanned satisfies one rule defined in a new function.

By default, the new function returns true. But, in other customize module can overwrite the function with his rule to identify if a code is a document number or not
. install the module:

. in pos: scan a item-> in network tab, you can see a request is done to backoffice
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patch diff51166.patch (1,170) 2022-12-15 13:11
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