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0051142Openbravo ERP09. Financial managementpublic2022-12-13 15:532022-12-13 15:53
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0051142: Remove 3 (nearly) unused pl's related to old-flow: c_debt_payment_status0, c_db_percentage_paid, c_invoice_percentage_paid
Those 3 pl-functions are nearly unused.
- No references to any of the 3 are found in obx download from forge
- No reference except 1 case below is present in git master
- They have dependencies between each other (on issue if removed together)
- all three function only work with old-flow/pre-aprm

One file:
ReportProjectProfitabilityJR.jrxml has 2 references to C_invoice_percentage_paid inside the sql query present inside the jrxml file. [^]

However the matching java servlet has its own query for data[] here [^]

the xsql query here does NOT show any reference to c_invoice_percentage paid [^]

That looks like the jrxml select query is only useful for running inside iReport editor and is outdated compared to the version in the xsql being used.
- Review ReportProjectProfitabilityJR
- Update/fix or remove query inside jrxml to remove that last reference to c_invoice_percentage_paid function
- After that remove all 3 pl-function as obsolete
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blocks design defect 0050984 new shuehner Tracking issue: Remove obsolete old-flow / pre-aprm related code 
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