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0051139Openbravo ERP09. Financial managementpublic2022-12-13 15:002022-12-13 15:31
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0051139: old-flow / pre-aprm: Ensure aprm migration has been done (in case it is needed)
3.0 only supports using APRM (Advanced Payables & Receivables).
It is not possible (or supported) to continue using the 2.50 style old-flow with 3.0

For new installs that is default without special action.
Any instances migrating from the old 2.50 had to use the APRM migration tool.

3.0 code is blocking modification of old-flow/pre-aprm tables when the APRM_Ready preference is created (i.e. by the migration tool).

However there is no technical check in place which guarantees that this has been done.
That allows instances to still exist (in rare corner cases) which are not marked as migrated.

To allow further cleanup of old-flow code which should block updates and enforce fixing up of those corner cases.
Find example corner case: Openbravo butler instance
- It has data in c_debt_payment table by having old BigBazaar & Accounting Test sampledata installed
- It never ran the APRM migration tool
- It never did any aprm payment
=> It is still missing the APRM_Ready preference
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blocks design defect 0050984 new shuehner Tracking issue: Remove obsolete old-flow / pre-aprm related code 
blocks design defect 0051144 new shuehner old-flow / pre-aprm: Remove code only useful when old-flow is still active 
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