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0051107Openbravo ERPA. Platformpublic2022-12-12 16:092022-12-12 16:17
Triage Platform Base 
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0051107: Support JDK20
Tracking all issues required to support JDK20
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related to feature request 0049432 new Triage Platform Base Openbravo ERP Support JDK19 
depends on defect 0051108 closed Triage Platform Base Openbravo ERP JDK20 constructors (JDK-8294241) - core 
depends on defect 0051110 closed Triage Platform Conn Openbravo ERP JDK20 constructors (JDK-8294241) - platform-conn 
depends on defect 0051111 closed Retail Retail Modules JDK20 constructors (JDK-8294241) - pos team 
depends on defect 0051112 closed mqueralt Openbravo ERP JDK20 constructors (JDK-8294241) - omni-wms 
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