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0051105POS2POSpublic2022-12-12 12:482022-12-12 12:48
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0051105: Masterdata refresh always triggers "A refresh is required" after a cashup
When a cashup is done, after logging in again and clicking Settings -> Refresh Masterdata, this shows the message "Configuration of the terminal has changed, a refresh is required." and refreshes the application.

I suspect it is related with the org.openbravo.retail.sessions module, as when this module is not present, the issue is not reproducible.
1. Login in WebPOS with modules: [^]
2. Do cashup
3. Login, and click on Settings -> Refresh Masterdata

Check that the dialog is shown, to refresh the application again. After the refresh, try to do "Refresh Masterdata" again, and you'll see the same dialog appear.
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