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0051097POS2POSpublic2022-12-12 11:282022-12-12 11:28
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0051097: ApplicationWindow Hook Logic change between screen resolutions
When ApplicationWindow is only registered in portrait mode, it is also registered for different screen resolutions.

Configuration layouts for different screen resolutions currently works fine with hook defined in selectLayoutConfig in setSelector method in ConfigurationSet. [^]
However, When ApplicationWindows are registered, configuration could be linked to window, but no hook is linked to it.
If any change happens in resolution, there is no restriction to view the defined application window.
In Portrait Mode
- Login and select several products to the ticket
- Click on a product from Ticketlines.
- TicketLine window will open
- Change from portrait mode to Landscape

Ticketline Window should be redirected to main application Window, but last window from portrait has no logic in landscape.
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related to feature request 0050400 scheduled ablasco Portrait mode support 
gif ApplicationWindowNoHook.gif (231,283) 2022-12-12 11:28
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