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0051096POS2POSpublic2022-12-12 11:022022-12-12 11:02
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0051096: Refactor MealMenuEditorAddProductsDialog component
Refactor MealMenuEditorAddProductsDialog.jsx component to make it generic. The goal is to have a component that allows you to move from a list of (users,products,invoices...) to another list and that would help you later to remove, add or whatever needed to be done to all those elements in the list.
To see MealMenuEditorAddProductsDialog in pos2:

1- Select restaurant section in pos2 left menu.
2- Click on 'Meal Menu' option in the menu
3- Click on 'View Categories' in one of the menu rows.
4- Click on 'View Products' in one of the category rows.
5- Click on 'New product' to show the pop up.
Refactor component to be able to receive a list. MUI have a component named transfer list ( [^]) already. Maybe it can build on it.
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