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0051037Retail ModulesRetail APIpublic2022-11-30 09:532023-01-24 13:21
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0051037: inventory Import API V2: improved error handling
if one product is not present in OB all the inventory is rejected (because a product is not present)

we should provide an explicit error to the users so they can correct their flow

the error raised should be explicit :

        instead of : Error while importing an item: null

        we should give the product data ex : Error while importing an item: "product": "3607171549764",

2. if the Bin does not exist for the WH :

Instead of : Error while importing an item: null

We should provide the wrong bin ex : Error while importing an item: "bin": "1x"
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duplicate of defect 0051442 closed jorge-garcia Modules Throw better error messages when importing a physical inventory through the API 
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