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0050969: [Promo] - Buy X Get Y - Message in the pop not clear for subtype "Buy All X, get Any Y"
For promotion type Buy X Get Y as gift, the message that appears in the gift pop up changes depending on the promotion configuration. For subtype All X Any Y, it is not clear and has to be changed

  "Get 1 x Beer 0.5L for free buying 1 x Crampons 10 point, 1 x First aid kit" (buy all x get any y)
  "Get 1 products for free buying 1 products" (buy any x get any y)

Important needed to check first with product management it will a customization for the client or a change in the standard for everyone
1- In the Backoffice, create a promotion Type "Buy X Get Y as gift"

2-Select the subtype "Buy All X, get Any Y", and add some Product=X and Gift=Y in the subtab "Product"

3- Set MinY=1 MaxY=1.

4- Put the filter "Product=Only those defined"

5- Tick the "Gift reminder Notification" and set the application method to automatic.

6-Go to the POS and add the eligible products, go to payment and see your promotion display: select it and see the label (see screenshot)
The expected message is a more standard one : same as for subtype “Buy Any X Get Any Y” where only the quantities are precised, without the names of the products
has duplicate defect 0052139 closed ranjith_qualiantech_com POS2 [Promo] -Buy X Get Y => display in gift pop up to improve 
png Label Name Buy X get Y.png (30,792) 2022-11-22 15:35
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2022-11-28 10:52   
(edited on: 2023-06-22 11:51)
I understand that if X and Y are higher than 1 it could be complicated to follow up the popup header title. On the other hand, knowing for which product I am adding its gift it is useful.

Let's do that if the X units its 1, then the full name of the X product is shown, but if it is higher than one, then the label "2 products" (or whatever quantity) will be shown.
For the Y it has no sense to display the full name of the products, since it is precisely what the user should choose from the list, so here always the "2 products" (or whatever quantity) will be shown.

So it should remain as:

If X = 1 and Y = 1

Get 1 product for free buying 1 x Crampons 10 point

If X = 1 and Y > 1

Get Y products for free buying 1 x Crampons 10 point

If X > 1 and Y = 1

Get 1 product for free buying X products

If X > 1 and Y > 1

Get Y products for free buying X products

2022-12-02 06:53   
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