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0050962Openbravo LocalizationsLocalization Francepublic2022-11-21 15:302022-12-07 17:43
0050962: Pending translation for "Show espected quantity"
There is a pending translation to french in the window "Warehouse front end configuration" --> field "Show expected quantity" is not translated to french.
1. in openbravo backoffice login french
2. go to the window "Warehouse front end configuration"
3. Open any line and realize the field "Show expected quantity" is not translated to french.
Tranlate the field to " Voir le montant prévu" for example. Maybe it is better to ask any french speaker for this translation.
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2022-12-07 17:43   
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Changeset: 1b266d9e1bd4f7076c20d483b03184b566d83e2a
Author: Antonio Moreno <>
Date: 07-12-2022 17:42:38
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Fixed ISSUE-50962: Added translation for 'Show Expected Quantity'

M referencedata/translation/fr_FR/AD_ELEMENT_TRL_fr_FR.xml