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0050627: It is not possible to change quantity on Service products
Service products do not allow changing the quantity through the TicketLine Popover buttons, although we may add several of them and are grouped as expected, increasing the quantity.

The buttons appear disabled.
1. Login WebPOS
2. Add two Basecamp Lantern
3. Try to change the quantity by clicking on the ticket line and the +/- buttons, see that they are disabled.
In the file SetLineQuantityButton.js [^]

Instead of only checking if the product is configurable, it should be disabled only in the case the configuration rules applied are not marked with forceNewLine = false.

Check what was done in AddProductHooks: [^]

As you may see, shouldForceNewLine is called to check if we should force or not a new line, if that is false, then we can enable this buttons.
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