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0050460Openbravo LocalizationsLocalization Italypublic2022-10-10 10:192022-10-11 14:47
30Openbravo Appliance 14.04
0050460: Wrong dependencies in the RT-Server / RT- Printer and e-invoice
In Italy both configurations are possible:

1 RT-Printer and e-invoice or
2 RT-Server and e-invoice
therefore there should not be any dependency between RT-Server and RT-Printer.

Data that must be considered common needs to be created in the Italy master data module.
Below listed changes need to be done:

1.- RT Server field (M_OBRTSER_VATINDICATIONCODE) and RT-printer field (EM_RTP_DEPARTMENT) must be unify in a new field to be created in the Italian Master data module, named "Tax Code/Department"

2.- RT Server field EM_OBRTSER_VATEXCLUSIONCODE) must be replaced by the new Italian Master Data field "Exclusion Code/Natura".
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related to defect 0050262 closed jetxarri Electronic Invoice Italy - Natura XML tag is missing when tax exempt is present 
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to be research if data above is included in any API.