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0050302: Adding Index on the Orderline and Invoiceline table to improve the performance.
Delete on the m_offer table causing IO and contention.
The delete was only for one offer but seems to be slow due to the foreign key in other tables referring to the m_offer_id column on the m_offer table.
When there is a constraint postgresql check if there is any row pointing to the deleted entry.
 The following tables pointing to the m_offer without index on the reference column
1. c_orderline
2. c_orderline_offer
3. c_invoiceline
4. c_invoiceline_offer

Fix: Create indexes on the m_offer_id column on the 4 tables.
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Adding those indices for all customers doesn't seem to be a good decision, as it will make insertion slow for all of them ,and especially the orderline and invoiceline tables are generally already quite big, but at the same time it will not necessarily provide a huge benefit for them.

If some customer in particular needs those indices, they can be added for them specifically.