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0050252Openbravo ERPI. Performancepublic2022-09-14 21:042023-01-02 19:08
0050252: Sessions remain open when the browser is closed.
When we close the browser either intentionally or accidentally, the session in which the terminal was open is not closed. When the browser and the terminal are opened again, it generates a new session.
1 - Login to the Web POS or Backoffice.
2 - Verify in as system, in the window Sessions, the ones that are open.
3 - Close the browser and open it again.
4 - Perform again step 1 and 2.
5 - Notice that the sessions have been duplicated since the previous one has remained open.
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2022-10-03 00:12   
Axel, I cannot reproduce the issue. If I have a current session and I close the browser and open it again, the same session is reused. Only when I log out a new session is created
2022-10-06 01:16   
Augusto, I attach a video: [^]

I have played it both in livebuilds and in my local.
2022-10-10 14:17   
Hello Axel,

I was able to reproduce it thanks. The application behaves like that because the cookie were we store the JSESSION is of type session (thus it is destroyed when the browser is closed) instead of persisted (it would have an expiration date). This seems to us a design defect.

In order to understand the criticity of the issue we need to know why do you think it is a major issue ( [^]). Could you tell us why you think the severify of this issue is major?
2022-10-20 14:04   
Removing the SLA because the feedback question is not being answered. Feel Axel, feel free to update it once you can answer the question
2023-01-02 19:07   
The partner had reported the problem as very important because it was causing problems for one of his customers. I asked him if he could give us the reason why the problem was being major and I had no response, so I proceeded to close the ticket. You can proceed to close this issue, sorry for the delay in response.