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0000502Openbravo ERP08. Project and service managementpublic2008-05-30 19:392011-02-04 09:11
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0000502: Projects enhancements
This is an umbrella feature request for a number of enhancements in the Projects and Service module.
depends on feature request 0000402pi acknowledged serc Project filter in 'Create AP Expenses Invoices' and 'Create Sales Orders from Expenses' processes 
depends on feature request 0000334 acknowledged rmorley Filters by Project in Sales processes 
depends on feature request 00005542.50 closed rafaroda Projects have no Starting Date field 
depends on feature request 0004026 acknowledged rmorley On Service Project, the button Create Purchase Order should be moved to main tab 
depends on feature request 0002777 acknowledged rmorley QA-PSM Service Project: Supplier selector 
depends on feature request 0003215 acknowledged rmorley Projects Budget: An option does not exist to create project  
depends on feature request 0003216 acknowledged rmorley A button does not exist to print a project 
depends on feature request 0003220 acknowledged rmorley Link to project lost in invoices  
depends on feature request 0003269 acknowledged rmorley Service Project estimated times 
depends on feature request 0003387 acknowledged rmorley Change Project Status button options 
depends on feature request 0003372 closed pjuvara Service Project report to PDF get a blank pdf page 
depends on feature request 0004468pi acknowledged rmorley Project Type for Service Projects 
depends on feature request 0004469pi acknowledged rmorley Project Category improvement 
depends on feature request 0004470pi acknowledged rmorley Project Type and Project Category filters in reports 
depends on feature request 0004471 acknowledged rmorley Create Sales Order from multiphase project header and tasks 
depends on feature request 0004473 acknowledged rmorley More than one product per phase/task 
depends on feature request 0004477 acknowledged rmorley Improved time sheet lines insertion 
depends on feature request 0004478 acknowledged rmorley Hierarchichal projects 
depends on feature request 0004479 acknowledged rmorley Project Phase and Project Task filters in reports 
depends on feature request 0004481 acknowledged rmorley Review of Amounts and History panels in Project windows 
depends on feature request 0004490 acknowledged rmorley Project Phase and Project Task filters in 'Create AP Expenses Invoices' and 'Create Sales Orders from Expenses' processes 
depends on feature request 0003246 acknowledged rmorley Invoice (customer) with Project 
depends on feature request 0004503 acknowledged rmorley Project Proposal Tracker should display Followup lines 
depends on feature request 0004504 acknowledged rmorley Associate human resources to projects 
depends on feature request 00045052.50 closed rafaroda Project Evolution report 
depends on feature request 0004506 acknowledged rmorley Enhanced Project Evolution report 
depends on feature request 00045072.50 closed rafaroda Project Phases and Project Tasks have no Contract date 
depends on feature request 0004514 acknowledged rmorley Dates check in Projects, Project Phases and Project Tasks 
depends on feature request 0004515 acknowledged rmorley Detailed Project Profitability report 
depends on feature request 0004521 acknowledged rmorley Create Lines from Expenses 
depends on feature request 00045222.50 closed rafaroda Project Type including Standard Duration 
depends on feature request 0004524 acknowledged rmorley Expenses approval system 
depends on feature request 0004526 acknowledged rmorley Process/Unprocess Expense Sheet lines individually 
depends on feature request 0004527 acknowledged rmorley Create a Project from an Order 
depends on feature request 0004528 acknowledged rmorley Integrate Openbravo ERP with a project management/scheduling tool 
depends on feature request 0004533 acknowledged rmorley Project filter in processes 
depends on feature request 0004534 acknowledged rmorley Project filter in reports 
depends on feature request 0004562pi acknowledged rmorley Project Type and Project Category enhancements 
depends on feature request 00045632.50 closed rafaroda Project scheduling capabilities enhancement 
depends on feature request 0004703 acknowledged rmorley Read-only fields depending on Project Status 
depends on feature request 0004736 acknowledged rmorley Change 'Starting Date' and 'Ending Date' labels by 'Start Date' and 'Finish Date', respectively 
depends on feature request 0004042 acknowledged rmorley The Create Sales Order for a Service Project let me create duplicated orders 
depends on feature request 0005363 closed pjuvara Make 'Project Type' field mandatory in 'Set Project Type' window 
depends on feature request 0005881 acknowledged rmorley Project selector: display projects without business partner 
depends on feature request 0007239 acknowledged rmorley Service Project workflow has to be reviewed since it has several issues 
depends on feature request 0009284 acknowledged rmorley Missing delete on cascade for multiphase project to project phases 
depends on feature request 0009473 new rmorley Project Type: Quantity Field is mandatory in Standard Phase / Standard Task windows 
depends on feature request 0009474 new rmorley Standard tasks can last longer than the standard phase they belong to. 
depends on defect 0009523 closed naiaramartinez Non-functional fields 
depends on feature request 0009524 new rmorley "Quantity" fields - meaningless in service projects? 
depends on feature request 0010689 new rmorley Expense Sheet Lines do not support secondary UOM 
depends on feature request 0010774 new rmorley Grouping products when Create Sales Order from Expenses 
depends on feature request 0004845 acknowledged rmorley Create Sales Orders from Expenses form: Field label 'Complete and Process Sales Order' is should be 'Book Sales Order' 
depends on feature request 0011152 new rmorley Payroll based on time sheets 
related to feature request 0005082 acknowledged rmorley Use of external tools for Time Tracking 
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