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0050181ModulesIntrastatpublic2022-09-07 00:142023-01-04 13:47
0050181: Problem with intrastat in webpos/externalorderloader
We have detected that when an order is entered from the Web POS or via externalorderloader the instrastat record is not generated in the order line.
1 - Have a customer located in a country of the European Union but not in the same country as the Organization (Example: Org: Spain. BP: France).

2 - Generate a sales order for the previously created customer and enter lines to it.

3 - Notice that for each line a record has been generated in the "Intrastat" tab.

4 - Make a sale to the same customer from the Web POS or send it through an API with the externalorderloader.

5 - Notice that the sales order created in the previous point, its lines do not contain records in the "Intrastat" tab.

Video with the steps: [^]
(In the video I forgot to select the order lines that have no records in the "Intrastat" tab, I attach a screenshot of this.)
We believe that the reason is because this record is generated by the intr_c_orderline_trg trigger and as the orderloader disables them, it does not allow them to be generated.
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png intrastat.png (129,972) 2022-09-07 00:14
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2022-10-03 12:19   
Hello Axel,
Sorry for being late on this.
Issue changed to Design Defect as Intrastat feature is not designed to support Web POS invoices.

This request needs to be reviewed, defined and priotized.

We will keep you informed.
2023-01-04 13:47   
Created Jira to review/estimate this request. See [^]