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0050068: [Belgium Localization] totZ file : The last MtS is not the good one
In the EMTS line, the last data is the last MTS of the period. Currently, if I do 3 different cashup and generate the file for each one of them, the last MTS is the same.

- Configure MTS on a store
- Log in POS and do some sales then do a cashup (TWICE AT LEAST)
- In the BO, go to the channel touchpoint > Cashup history
- Select the last cashup and click on "Belgium Total Z report"
The last MTS should be the MTS of the last ticket finalized on the till during the opening period : this means between the open till and the close till of the cashup from what the report is generated.
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Date: 26-08-2022 15:18:26
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Fixed ISSUE-50068 and ISSUE-50069 Now mts value is correct and can see if tax lines are negative