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0049953POS2POSpublic2022-08-04 12:392022-08-05 11:52
0049953: [Product Search] Product Characteristics that are configured as "folders" are shown as a dropdown even if containing no items
Product Characteristics can be configured as "parents" of other more specific characteristics. Even in the case these "parents" have no children, a dropdown is also show. It has no sense if no records can be shown there, which is a UX mistake.
0-Login POS2 as vallblanca.
1-In the product search input field, write b letter. A filtering will be done after 1 second.
2-In the Available Filters section, click "Color" filter. A popup will be shown.
3-Check Laguna record is shown there and there is an arrow marking that record as parent of some other more specific characteristics.
4-Click that arrow at the left of "Laguna". DEFECT: No records are shown there. In the case that Laguna record has no children, that arrow must not be shown since it is deceiving the POS2 user.
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Lorenzo, can you check with our UX team what should be the expected behaviour? Right now we use the "folder" look for all values that are configured as summary level
2022-08-05 11:52   
After talking with UX team, there is still some related doubts and many different opinions inside de industry. BUT must be considered that "the best UI is the one that needs the least amount of explanation and avoid unnecessary clicks." [^]