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0049948Retail ModulesWeb POSpublic2022-08-04 11:422022-08-04 12:01
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0049948: [ProductSearch] Price range is not considering the limit values
When a product has exactly the price of a range border, it is not included in the filtering results. Ex. a product price of 100€ is not shown when filtering by "100-200" nor "50-100", not even when filtering by all the available filters

Note: The same behaviour is observed in POS1 and POS2
1. From the main pos window, click the Product Search field.
2. Type "GPS Mini" and check one record is shown and that its price is 100€.
3. Open "Price" filter in the central column.
4. Pick 100-200 and filter. Notice no results are shown (wrong)
5. Clear the price filter and open "Price" again.
6. Now pick 50-100 and filter. Notice no results are shown (wrong)
7. Clear the price filter and open "Price" again.
8. Now pick all the available options and filter. Notice no results are shown (wrong)
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related to defect 0049958 new Retail POS2 [Product Search] Present schema is not taken into account and all products are mixed 
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