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0049945Retail ModulesWeb POSpublic2022-08-04 11:222022-08-04 12:00
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0049945: [UX] The "First selected" order changes the non-selected items' order from the default one
When opening a filter, Category for example, the filter is sorted A-Z by default. If, with no record selected, I change the sorting to "Selected Ones First" the order of the non-selected records change.
While this may be technically correct as I am "leaving" the A-Z sorting, the perceived behaviour is odd enough to be reported as an issue.
1. From the main pos window, click the Product Search field and then the magnifier to open the "Available Filters" column
2. Open "Category". Notice the A-Z sorting is selected by default
3. Without selecting any filter, change the sorting to "Selected Ones First". Notice the order of the filters change.
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jpg CategoryFilter.jpg (30,593) 2022-08-04 11:22

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