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0049931POS2POSpublic2022-08-02 09:432022-08-03 22:43
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0049931: [UX] "Visited" check in Services icon is only shown for the first line
When I open the Services window, the icon in the ticket line gets a tiny green check and a text "(Visited)" is added to the line details. However, if I add a service to multiple lines, only the first line receive this green check.
1. From the main POS window, go to Ski category and add two "All mountain ski board Cham" products to a ticket
2. By hovering in the "1" in the ticket line leftmost part, enter the multiple selection mode and select both lines
3. Use the three dots in the yellow strip shown in the top of the ticket and then select "Related Services"
4. Add a "Repair Boots" service. Notice the change of the first line's icon to "Visited" while the second line stays as before (wrong!)
The "Visited" change should apply to all the selected lines
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