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0049854ModulesWarehouse Pickingpublic2022-07-20 12:082022-08-22 13:30
0049854: Scanning product in AWO adds incoherent units (reception -DOR)
Scanning product in AWO adds incoherent units in the left input field of the screen.
Video: [^]
Create a DOI document/expedition from store A to store B in BO

Go to an AWO store and find the notification task with the DOI number
open the task

Confirm the task avec units required

Go to AWO store B and find the notification task with the DOR number

Click on the left input field

Scan the product required => the product code number is read and added as a number of units, by scanning twice the "infinity" units appears
Have a limit here to avoid errors
? 49854--unabletoreproduce.mp4 (327,965) 2022-08-22 13:28
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2022-08-04 10:39   
The focus is on the input field when the scanning happens and the product search key is placed in that field.

The solution is to prevent scanning in this qty field. The question is if this is technically feasible. This will be checked.
2022-08-22 13:30   
We are unable to reproduce it. See attached 49854--unabletoreproduce.mp4

This "Infinity" does not appear even when scanning a very big number.

On the other side, the field doesn't consider any non-digit character.

IMHO it's working fine.

In feedback to see if you are able to provide very detailed steps to reproduce it