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0049712POS2POSpublic2022-07-04 11:502023-01-11 18:03
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0049712: [CRM] - Change a known client posteriori should not be possible
When re-opening a ticket assigned to a customer, it is possible to unassign this ticket from the customer, and assign it to another customer even though the ticket is payed and closed. It should not be possible to modify this field. Indeed, accessing the Customer Card should be available, but changing or unassigning the customer should not be possible
Go to the POS2.

Do a sale with an identified customer

Go to the Orders view and select the corresponding ticket

Click on the customer name and see there is the "unassign" option. Click on the unassign button, and assign to a new customer the ticket. This behavior is a BUG.
duplicate of defect 0050439 closed radhakrishnan It should not be possible to edit the external business partner on closed ticket 
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