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0049627POS2POSpublic2022-06-22 14:172022-08-17 15:14
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0049627: Product search should filter out the service products that require to be linked to a product
When a product is configured as a Service Product and marked with Linked To Product, it should not appear in the product search, as it is not possible to add it without having a product to link it with.

In old POS this works this way, the product search doesn't display service products marked with linked to product.
1. Open and login WebPOS2
2. Click on the product search bar and write installation pack
3. Check that installation unit is shown, although is a service product and should only be added to a given linked product.

Repeat the process in old pos and see that there is filtered out. Some gifs have been attached to this issue.
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gif ServiceProductAppearingInProductSearch.gif (250,052) 2022-06-22 14:17

gif ServiceProductNotAppearingInProductSearch.gif (159,354) 2022-06-22 14:18
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Changeset: ffc9fdb1ebafd786110e443d2ad70fc789a7bd1a
Author: Adrián Blasco <>
Date: 17-08-2022 13:14:41
URL: [^]

Fixes ISSUE-49627: Properties in Cache Products to Filter Linked Service products for Product search

Several extra properties have been added to the products cache:
id, includeProducts, includeProductCategories, productType, isLinkedToProduct and proposalType

Some of this properties are not directly related with this issue, and have been added to improve the timings on some of the queries related with linked and related services.

M web/org.openbravo.retail.posterminal/app/model/masterdata/ProductModel.js
2022-08-17 15:14   
Merge request merged: [^]
2022-08-17 15:14   
Merge request merged: [^]
2022-08-17 15:14   
Directly closing issue as related merge request is already approved.

Repository: [^]
Changeset: c8b0dff2aff584065d14091b3197a728fece92e8
Author: Adrián Blasco <>
Date: 17-08-2022 13:14:50
URL: [^]

Fixes ISSUE-49627: Linked Service products should not appear in normal Product search

Linked service products now only appear on the Service Configuration step, as they should, and are filtered out on the normal product search.

M web-jspack/org.openbravo.pos2/src/components/ProductKeymap/__mock__/MockCriteria.js
M web-jspack/org.openbravo.pos2/src/components/ProductSearch/FilteredProductsKeymap/FilteredProductsKeymap.jsx
M web-jspack/org.openbravo.pos2/src/components/ProductSearch/FilteredProductsKeymap/GetFilteredProductsKeymapInfo.js
M web-jspack/org.openbravo.pos2/src/components/Service/ServiceConfigurationStep/ServiceConfigurationStep.jsx
M web-jspack/org.openbravo.pos2/src/components/Service/ServiceConfigurationStep/__test__/ServiceConfigurationStep.test.jsx
M web-jspack/org.openbravo.pos2/src/core/productSearch/__test__/mockMasterdataProduct.js
M web-jspack/org.openbravo.pos2/src/core/productSearch/__test__/productSearchEngine.test.js
M web-jspack/org.openbravo.pos2/src/core/productSearch/productSearchEngine.js