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0049588POS2Restaurantspublic2022-06-16 15:032022-06-18 00:47
0049588: JIRA 3082 - Stock server issues
Client raised that when the stockserver is not reachable, the till try every 1 sec to access to it. This intervall is too short, it has to be adapted.

In addition, when the stock server is offline for a while, a lot of message are logged in Chrome.

This needs to be changed, including making the ping timeout interval configurable.

Launch you stock server
open WebPos
stop you stock server
on you till, the web browser log this error every 1 sec :
WebSocket connection to 'ws://' [^] failed:
y @ StockServerHandler.js:103
(anonymous) @ StockServerHandler.js:209
1) Add a preference allowing defining the interval between each call in order to increase the timeout value
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