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0049580POS2Restaurantspublic2022-06-16 11:222023-07-26 09:32
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0049580: A product in Menu does not update until product is unassigned
When a product is selected in Menu, any update on it could be confused if the previous one is not unselected.

If other product is selected to change the previous one, the original remains.
This behavior could be unnoticed for the user.
- Login and browse a Menu in Restaurant
- Select products in Menu until completion
- Try to change one product to one another or right click on "Add to receipt"

*If other product is selected, the original product doesn't change until you click on the original to unselect it.
*Change selected product when click is executed on the Menu product list.
*Same behavior when "Add To receipt" is clicked.

*When product is completed, products could be disabled in order to be sure there is no option to do.
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related to defect 0052227 new Retail [23Q2] Clicking once to deselect 1 product of the menu actually deselects all products of that type 
has duplicate defect 0050579 closed Retail Changes in product modifier config are not applied if an option has been previously selected 
gif MenuProductUpdate.gif (1,915,974) 2022-06-16 11:22
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2023-04-25 12:25   
This issue is still present in 23Q2 and it is a clear UX problem that can confuse/deceive the POS user.
In case this flow would no be changed, at least a message warning that no changes were done is required (NOT preferred resolution).
2023-07-26 09:32   
This issue is still present in 23Q3.