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0049540POS2Restaurantspublic2022-06-13 16:082022-06-18 02:25
0049540: JIRA 3075 - Product maintenance - not possible to modify "zone de cuisson"
In the new maintenance screen available on WebPOS, it should be possible to also change the “zone de cuisson” field.
This field is available on BO as described in the Screenshot (in product window / pager configuration tab) and can be modified from it.

But nowadays it is not possible to change it from WebPOS for one or several products.

The request here is to be able to modify it in a future version from product maintenance screen (and so only for the restaurant where you want to change it)
--> In general product configuration view for example (cf. second screenshot)

Login webPos
Go product maintenance screen
open general option for a product
--> it is not possible to change the "zone de cuisson" filed for the product
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