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0049531Openbravo ERPE. Translationpublic2022-06-10 10:432023-07-04 12:36
Triage Platform Base 
0049531: Product window --> Translation tab --> It allows to translate Name, but not Description
For Product window --> Translation tab, it allows to add a translation for Name, but not for Description.
We need to be able to translate the Description and have the translated description displayed in POS

Go to product window --> Translation tab --> Only field allowed to be translated is "Name"
Allow to translate "Description" too
related to feature request 0044364 closed Aaron_Alvarez Retail Modules Product characteristics and values are not translatable, and make API Import Characterictis support it 
related to defect 0049530 closed Triage Platform Base Openbravo ERP Translation tab in Product window and Product Category only visible for user Openbravo 
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