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0049319ModulesElectronic Invoice Italypublic2022-05-13 13:392022-06-23 08:59
0049319: field rtpFiscalReceiptDate has a date format that does not correspond to the xml format for e invoice
An error is raised by the e invoice process on the field RiferimentoData for a wrong format like 05052022 when the expected format is the one refered here :
xs:date : [^]

the field comes from rtpFiscalReceiptDate from rt printer module
- install rtprinter module
- intall einvoice module

- create an order + inoivce
- use the send process
- en error appears on the field RiferimentoData [^]

there the format of the date should be "changed" to a more standard format to be ok with the xml expecting format
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2022-05-20 12:34   
MR created here : [^]
2022-06-03 09:53   
We need to discuss with rt printer module dev team to know is rt printer can change the output format instead of managing it in the einvoice module
2022-06-07 15:59   
This should be fixed in the rt printer module