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0049315POS2Restaurantspublic2022-05-12 19:472022-05-12 20:36
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0049315: Menu items: coupon on line level of a menu item prints also menuitems of the line
See attached screenshot. The coupon menu item is printed on the buy notification template but the menuitems are repeated on the coupon as well.
Configure two menu products of a menu to be coupon on line level. Add them to the menu, pay, check the printed coupon
When building the set of lines/menuItem to be printed on a coupon the line.menuItems property is copied into the object created for the menuItem. This code [1], prevent this.

[1] [^]
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png Screenshot from 2022-05-12 19-23-29.png (58,568) 2022-05-12 19:47
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