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0049166: JIRA 2926 - Something's wrong when calling api kitchen (AjouterNouvelleCommandeWI)
it remains something wrong in API kitchen about the field NumeroCommande when using AjouterNouvelleCommandeWIProduct line number in the order is always equals to 0 for example :if I have 2 products linked to pager as delivery control method , numeroCommande is the same 50069D601D0 and 50069D601D0instead of 50069D601D0 and 50069D601D1

This is correctly managed when cancelling, 2 calls are done on 2 different numeroCommande (ex : 50069D601D0 and 50069D601D1)
Configure 2 products in order to link it to delivery control method “pager”

Go to product window and select 2 products

Go to product organization information for both

In that tab, add a record for the restaurant you are used to base your test on, and link it to a pickup point and delivery control allowing to associate the product to “pager” (delivery control method = pager)

5. this configuration will call API kitchen (function = AjouterNouvelleCommandeWI) when you buy these products. For that :

Go to WebPOS

Select both products

Go to payment and pay, 2 calls has done to API kitchen but with the same numeroCommande

The Product line number in the order has to be managed starting from 0 (cf. the example previously described)

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