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0049073Retail ModulesDiscounts and Promotionspublic2022-04-19 10:102022-05-20 12:48
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0049073: Create new hook in discount engine to filter out discounts programatically, using ticket information
A new hook should be added to discount engine to allow filtering out discounts with the ticket information. This allows to extend the engine with several filters from different modules.
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Author: Cristian Berner <>
Date: 20-05-2022 12:46:48
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Related to FR-49073: Merge branch 'fr/49073-hook-discounts'

Create a new hook to allow introducing different rules to filter out if
a discount should be applied to the current ticket or not. This adds
isApplicableToTicket hooks to the main discount engine and a way to
register them in other modules.

A src-test/org/openbravo/retail/discounts/test/base/model/
M src-test/org/openbravo/retail/discounts/test/base/model/
M src-test/org/openbravo/retail/discounts/test/base/model/
M src/org/openbravo/retail/discounts/
M web/org.openbravo.retail.discounts/app/model/business-logic/discounts-engine/engine/discount-engine.js
M web/org.openbravo.retail.discounts/app/model/business-logic/discounts-engine/engine/discount-rules.js
2022-05-20 12:48   
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