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0048850: Performance JSONProcessSimple, request to load AWO tasks
Version: Openrbavo version 3.0 PR20Q4.
I do not add the different steps, I simply want to comment on a performance problem that the client is reporting to us when loading several tasks of a user in AWO.
We have debugged and added logs to see where those performance issues were.

So, the java that calls from AWO to load the tasks is the TasksProvider.
This extends from JSONProcessSimple, and there we have detected that the slowness is in the .toString of the JSON that it builds.
What I don't understand very well is why the following lines/checks are made:

String s = exec(jsonsent).toString();
if (s.startsWith("{") && s.endsWith("}")) {
// write only the properties, brackets are written outside.
JSONObject response = new JSONObject(s);
JSONObject contextInfo = getContextInformation();

At the first point, it collects the response returned by the exec (in this case the one running in TasksProvider.class), and passes it to a String, just to check if it starts and ends with '{' '}', and then returns to pass that String to JSONObject.
So I have made the following change in my local environment:

JSONObject response = exec(jsonsent);
if (response != null) {
// write only the properties, brackets are written outside.
JSONObject contextInfo = getContextInformation();

With this we save the first .toString, and this lowers the response time to 10 seconds. I attach the times with the standard java, and with the changes made:

5888 MILISECONDS kill EXEC of taskprovider
12436 MILISECONDS finish EXEC tostring
14267 MILISECONDS before second tostring
23214 MILISECONDS after second tostring
24067 MILISECONDS after substring

With the change made:

5674 MILISECONDS kill EXEC of taskprovider
5674 MILISECONDS before second tostring
12528 MILISECONDS after second tostring
12634 MILISECONDS after substring

The client made a small diff with this change to apply it to our client, to see if it helps to load the tasks faster.
Diff proposed by the client
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diff jsonprocesssimple.diff (880) 2022-03-21 12:23
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Fixed BUG-48850: Removed the slowness in the .toString of the JSON call

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