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0048695: Error when removing GiftCertificate payment created by redeeming points
Error occurs when removing GiftCertificate payment, if GiftCertificate payment is created by redeeming the customer loyalty points.
1) Select Customer "Redeem Points Gold-Subscription" (Make sure points available to reddem)
2) Add Product
3) Click Pay Button
4) Click Redeem (It will create the gift certificate payment)
5) Try to remove the gift certificate payment. It will show the error ("Manual EARN Rule should be configured for the Loyalty Program for removing Gift Certificate Payment")
6) Try to remove the gift certificate payment. It will show the error ("There is some error while removing the payment") KO

Cause of this issue:
Revert gift certificate and Restore Points are 2 separate process defined in deletePayment hook.
when removing the gift certificate payment for first time, gift certificate is reverted in backoffice. But points are not restored are not restored in backoffice and POS, because ""Manual EARN Rule not configured".
Main Problem - Gift Certificate reverted in backoffice but present in POS.
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related to defect 0048516RR22Q1.1 closed ranjith_qualiantech_com It is not possible to redeem points while doing a purchase 
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