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0048486: Masterdata model with several queries is not retrievieng all data using batches
We have a Masterdata model which returns more than one query in getQuery method in the Java that extends ProccessHQLQuery. If "Masterdata models batch size" preference is defined and the value is multiple of the rows returned by the first query in our Model, we do not reset the offset for next queries and it only retrieves the data starting from the last offset instead of starting again from 0.
- Login in [^]
- Check in the developers tools that there are 36 Locators --> 33 regular locators and 3 external locators(trucks)
- Define "Masterdata models batch size" to 3
- Client browser storage and login again
- Check in the developers tools that there are 33 Locators --> 33 regular locators and 0 external locators(trucks)
ERROR! External locators are not loaded because the offset was 33 instead of 0

This example is in AWO but it affects all apps.
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