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0048466Openbravo ERPA. Platformpublic2022-01-22 13:572022-12-05 14:59
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0048466: Block direct upgrades from 2.50 to latest releases
Direct upgrade from 2.50 version to 3.0 require to keep some code around just for that purpose.
Blocking direct upgrades 2.50 allows to cleanup that code.

Most 2.50 -> 3.0 upgrades will also include the migration to APRM (that we an created as an optional module for 2.50 but since 3.0 is basic & mandatory.

The APRM migration tool is not longer possible to be used already since 18Q4 as issue 41801 removed the code required for that (to no longer require to maintain it).

Plan for any 2.50 instance left (for when this FR is solved)
- Attempt to upgrade to 3.0 with this FR included will be stopped by a buildvalidation with an error message
- That message explains that it is required to update to a 3.0 version <18Q4
  - That is the last version where APRM mgiration still worked
- After that a 2nd upgrade is needed to move to he latest 3.0 release
Add build-validation to check current core version and if belong to 2.50 block update with message
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related to defect 0041801 closed markmm82 Modules Compilation error when upgrading the instance to a version later than 18Q4 if the module is installed 
blocks defect 0048467 new Triage Platform Base Openbravo ERP Cleanup code to show special popups related to 'ugrading from 2.50' on login 
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