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0048397POS2POSpublic2022-01-13 17:452023-06-06 10:51
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0048397: Non-mandatory safebox step in initial count should show "Optional" in the title
Title should show that the step is optional, when working with safeboxes and it is not marked as "Safe Box Mandatory. In this case, when showing the step to choose a safebox, it should also show that the step is optional in the title or subtitle of the multi step process.

Check the attached screenshot for more context. The title at the left of the step should containt that info. The skip button is not visible, is there but has wrong css, it is fixed in a issue 48345.
1. Setup safeboxes in backend by following this steps:
1.1 Login backend as White Valley Group Admin and go to Channel - Touchpoint Type window
1.2 Select "POS2SD VBS POS2 Terminal Type" record and check "Use Safe Box" mark in "Openbravo POS Terminal Configuration", make sure to have "Safe Box Mandatory" unselected
1.3 Save record and click on subtab "Payment Method" -> Select "Cash" and check "Defined in Safebox". Save after this change.
2. Open WebPOS and login. If not already done, do a cashup and login again.
3. On login Initial Count should appear, go to the next step 2 out of 3.

Check at the top, it should show (optional) in the title when dealing with non mandatory safebox step.
Add Optional if non-mandatory(same as we are adding the skip button when non-mandatory)
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related to defect 0048345 closed sntgreale CSS style of Skip button on select safebox process is wrong 
png addOptionalToTitle.png (50,098) 2022-01-13 17:45
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Fixed ISSUE-48397: Optional message added to the title.

M src-db/database/sourcedata/AD_MESSAGE.xml
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