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0048390POS2Restaurantspublic2022-01-12 16:072022-01-25 12:41
0048390: JIRA 2596 - When selecting a menu product buttons are not alphabetically ordered
In order to standardize button display in automatic, it is necessary to solve something concernant product you can select among a component (ex : dessert).

Today all the products of a menu component are displayed based on a sequence number you can see in restaurant menu window / Category / Product / Sequence (cf. attached file)

The request is to display product of the selected component by alphabetic order as we already do for product when they are selected out of a menu.
1) Go to Backoffice restaurant menu window.
2) Create a menu with 2 categories.
3) Add several products in each categories, of course sequence number and alphabetic order have to be not synchronized.
4) go to keymap window and create a new category in an existing keymap
5) Select as product in this category the menu you previously created

6) Go to Webpos, refresh data
7) Go to your new keymap category
8) select the menu, the menu wizard appears
--> KO all the products including in the first component are not alphabetically ordered but ordered by sequence number

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depends on backport 0048414TAP closed javierRodriguez JIRA 2596 - When selecting a menu product buttons are not alphabetically ordered 
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