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0048359POS2POSpublic2022-01-05 15:562022-02-15 12:43
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0048359: Restaurant menu qty has strange behaviour when previously executed split lines
Creating a menu and splitting it makes the first menu behave strangely. For example, if we sum 1 to the qty of the first menu, instead of summing 1, the first time it creates another ticket line(this is wrong). Next clicks on the + button work fine, adds extra qty to the same menu.

If we remove the other split lines menus, and try to reduce the qty of the first menu by 1, it will generate a new ticket line with a negative qty menu, this is wrong, it should remove 1 of the quantity of the first menu instead.

For better explanation, please check the provided gif, you'll be able to see this strange behaviour.
1. Login in WebPOS with restaurant module
2. Switch to Restaurant schema
3. Add a Simple menu and complete it. After click on the menu and add 1 qty, so qty is 2.
4. Click on split lines
5. Add to the first menu qty until reaching 3 or 4 (Here you can already see the first strange behaviour, the first time you click on add, a new ticket line is created instead of adding 1 unit to the qty)
6. Remove all ticket lines except the first one.
7. Remove one unit of the menu, a new ticket line with negative qty is created instead of subtracting one unit of the qty of the item.

Check also the gif attached for reference on how to reproduce it.
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gif Strange menu behaviour with split lines.gif (1,956,780) 2022-01-05 15:56
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Fixed ISSUE-48359: Removed conditional that affected equality comparison between Menus

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