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0048335Openbravo ERPA. Platformpublic2021-12-29 09:572022-01-12 11:56
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0048335: AllJrxmlCompilation test should skip jrxml files intended to only be compiled with hwmanager functionality
hwmanager module has a feature that allows using jrxml as printing templates. The jrxmls intended to be used with this feature, import and use hwmanager only classes and functionality, resulting in the test failing, because the test doesn't know anything related with hwmanager and only has backoffice functionality.

As such, the AllJrxmlCompilation test should skip all this files that use hwmanager classes and functionality due to it not being intended to compile this files.

It fails with the following errors when trying to compile this type of files:
- java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: com.openbravo.pos.printjrxml.JRJsonDatasource
- com.openbravo.pos.printer.ticket.PrintItemBarcode cannot be resolved to a type
Run AllJrxmlCompilation test with at least one jrxml that has pos.printjrxml or pos.printer functionality from hwmanager.
Skip tests that include com.openbravo.pos package or classes in them, as they will never be able to fulfill these imports from this test. A patch has been provided attached here.
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diff patchAllJrxmlCompilation.diff (2,413) 2021-12-29 09:57
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