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0048161POS2POSpublic2021-11-25 13:002023-01-09 18:59
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0048161: Still some UI properties added to the product when it is included into the ticket
When adding a product into the ticket, it is still added with extra (unneeded) properties coming from the UI components. This information should not be included as part of the Ticket (business logic)

Note that this was partially solved with issue 0046594 where keymap specific properties are being removed.
1- Add a product into the ticket
2- In dev tools type "OB.App.State.getState().Ticket.lines[0].product" in order to check the information of the added product. Note it contains some properties which are coming from the ProductButton component itself: "variantClass", "variantStyle", "leftAction" etc.
- Ideally the component should receive a product object with just the specific product information
- Note that some components are affected by this change: the ProductPopoverButtonBar component does: payload.product.leftAction, the product is received from the state (state.UI.productPopOverInformation) where previously it has been stored in the state including the UI specific properties.
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related to defect 0046594 closed Retail UI properties added to the product when it is included into the ticket 
related to defect 0048188 acknowledged Triage Platform Base Replace ProductPopoverButtonBar global state usage with a React context 
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