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0048150POS2POSpublic2021-11-24 09:122023-06-27 13:53
0048150: "Printer and display are not available" popup appears sometime executing Offline flows
Sometimes, while executing offline quotation flows, the "Printer and display are not available" popup is shown (check attached video and image). Printer settings has not been manually configured.
I have reproduced this behaviour with Cypress automated test and sometimes also manually (harder).
0-Online: Go POS2 login screen and login as vallblanca.
1-Complete initial count matching every payment method and log out.
2-Once in the login screen again after last setp, go OFFLINE.
3-Login offline with vallblanca credentials.
4-Transform current ticket into quotation.
5-Add 1x Avalanche transceiver, 1x Balaclava Cap and 1x Hiking Boots.
6-Complete the quotation clicking Complete button.
7-Log out.
DEFECT: Sometimes while the flow is being executed, the Printer and display not available popup will be thrown.
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? OfflineSupport.spec.js.mp4 (1,778,319) 2021-11-24 09:12
png PrinterAndDisplayNotAvailableError.png (169,010) 2021-11-24 09:13
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