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0048146POS2Restaurantspublic2021-11-23 18:192021-12-17 10:01
0048146: JIRA 2518 - error when accessing to the related screen
As discussed with Martin in FS branch when accessing to stock server screen with my till, an error is displayed on the till. He have seen it too, so he thought it was something local to him. But I also have the same issue on my till.

Error I can see in developer mode !

POS2.js:3551 ResizeObserver loop limit exceeded; line: je ( [^])

(anonyme) @ POS2.js:3551i @ POS2.js:4141(anonyme) @ POS2.js:4170je @ TerminalLog.js:137(anonyme) @ TerminalLog.js:127

Once the error disappears, the stock server screen is correctly usable.

Connect to WebPOS
Open stock server screen (through update stock menu)
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