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0048145Openbravo ERPZ. Otherspublic2021-11-23 18:092023-03-22 17:37
0048145: Defect: In the window: "Manage variant" The variants take time to charge, and when you click on "the select all" check-box, the
Ticket - 32720
In the product window, for a generic product, when you clic on "Manage variant" The variants take too much time to charge, and when you click on "the select all" check-box, the backoffice of Openbravo freezes.

 Create a generic product
- Add 5 characteristics
- Select the characteristics "Color" and "Size" as Variant boolean to true
- Click on "manage variant"
- Click on the check box "Select all"
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related to defect 0045823 closed markmm82 A hard limit exist for manually creates products variants 
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2021-12-03 10:37   

Could you please provide us some visibility on this topic?
We need to know when this could be corrected.

Best regards,
2021-12-13 12:41   
Hello team,

We are in need of this issue to be seen, could you please give visibility to this?

Ignacio Vazquez
2021-12-13 14:51   

First of all my apologizes for the late response.

The way the issue has been reported doesn't help:
1. It's impossible to reproduce the bug with the steps provided

2. When a performance issue is reported, there should be attached a performance analysis in the environment where it is failing (explain plan for the slow queries, java profiler or anything else that might help the Product team to understand the root cause)

3. A dump of the environment where the performance issue is reproducible, and/or access to a test environment to reproduce it must be available to the SW engineering team.

Can you please provide the above things? Meanwhile we can't work on it.
2021-12-24 16:35   
Hello Team,

A preference ManageVariantsLimit is used inorder to prevent performances issues in Manage Variants process. Default value 1000 is set to this preference. User could increase this value ONLY after checking that the performance is good enough in the worst case scenarios. This feature was introduced in 3.0PR21Q2. [^]
2021-12-29 09:36   
Attached video deleted. Please do not include to any issue media exposing GDPR related information.