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0048137ModulesAdvance Warehouse Operationspublic2021-11-23 12:382021-11-25 10:17
0048137: Task List Confirmation: when rapidly confirming tasks, the UI gets stuck on the loading screen
This issue can be reproduced with a non-local environment (ex: livebuilds)
When you have a list of tasks ready to be confirmed, if you rapidly confirm tasks, the UI will block on the loading screen. On a local environment, the confirm button becomes disabled while a process is running, but due to latency on a remote environment, the confirm button isn't disabled instantly and it is possible to lock up the screen by confirming a few tasks in a row.
1. Create a bunch of tasks ready to be confirmed (ex: count a few storage bins using the count feature)
2. Start confirming them one after the other.
Disable the possibility of confirmation earlier OR make it possible to confirm multiple tasks at the same time.
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