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0048054: Products with multiple UPC/EAN not found in Web POS
When a product has 2 UPC/EAN registered by two different users, it is not found in the web pos "Scan" tab, but the behavior is random. If it is the first time you login to the webPOS, it works. If you have already logged in the web POS, it does not work unless you trigger the "Refresh Data" process. But in some cases, you will need a full refresh in order to make it work (erase cache)

Summary of some tests performed: [^]

Client version: Openbravo 3.0 PR20Q1.3
1) Log into back office with the user Openbravo and an administrative role.
2) Choose a point of sale to realize the test from "chanel - Touchpoint" tab
3) Navigate to the assortment of that POS and pick a product to do the test.
4) Navigate to the product, select the "Multi UPC" tab and create a new record with a dummy UPC/EAN
5) Logout and log back in with another user that has the permisions to create UPC/EAN codes for a product. Make sure it does not have the same role as the Openbravo user.
6) Navigate to the same product and create a new record with another dummy UPC/EAN.
7) Log into the terminal chosen for this test, with any user.
8) Go to the "Scan" tab and input the UPC/EAN created with the Openbravo user. Observe the behavior.
9) Input the UPC/EAN created with the other user. Observe the behavior.
10) If the product is found, that is the expected behavior by the client.
11) In case the product is not found, perform the "Refresh Data" process and go back to step 8.
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related to defect 0045288 closed ranjith_qualiantech_com MultiUPC module doesn't work correctly when scanning if many products are available in local mode 
related to feature request 0045240 closed ranjith_qualiantech_com MultiUPC filter by multiple UPCs should work in the SEARCH component in Remote mode 
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2021-11-12 15:45   
Support Ticket: 32122

We have more videos of other tests that we can submit if necessary.
2021-11-23 14:39   
Hi team.

When do you think we could get the resolution for this issue?
Thanks in advance.
2021-11-26 16:58   
Hi Team,

Any update?

2022-01-03 13:40   
Issue occurs due to the cache problem (cache was not initialized when searching UPC) explained in this issue [^]

Suggested fix was remove the findUsingCache when searching with UPC.
Attached fix to the issue: 48054_multiupc.diff
2022-01-03 14:22