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0047935: Clicking on a default modifier doesn't go directly to the next step
When applying modifiers to a product with modifiers, if it has an option already selected(radio button) and you click it, it should switch to the next step with that property selected, but it doesnt.

A video explaining this is provided here: [^]
1. Open WebPOS with restaurant sampledata( [^])
2. Change to Restaurant Schema
3. Add a Cheeseburger
4. Try to click on Now(already selected, check screenshot) for cooking time.

Nothing happens, it should have switched to the next step. [^]
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png modifiersIssueSelect.png (57,522) 2021-10-26 13:37
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Some more info to help out with the implementation of a solution:
David Baz prepared this JSFiddle with a mouseDown event which allows intercepting when the same radio button has been already pressed: [^]

It should also be tested using touch device(this may be setup from developer tools in chrome). In these cases it may be required to use touchEnd or touchStart events instead of the mouseDown(check if this last one is thrown, if so, use it, if not, find the one for touch device required to have the same behaviour).

Notice that the only event that knows the element has already been selected is the mouseDown one, which should generate an onChange one, so we know we have to switch to the next step. As the onChange is not automatically generated when clicking on an already selected radio button.
2021-12-28 03:38   
Merge Request created: [^]