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0047900POS2POSpublic2021-10-19 09:412021-10-21 12:23
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0047900: Sometimes extra scrolling needs to be done for scrolling ticket lines
In Ticket lines with scroll, right click and drag so you reach the bottom limit.
But you can scroll more(but screen does not reflect it).
Then if you scroll up it seems that it is not working.
But in reality is working, you need to go up until it is reflected in the screen.
click and drag until reach bottom.
when you are in bottom continue dragging down by click and drag twice
then to make drag up work you will require to do drag up twice
and then the third will work
So it needs to undo the extra scroll done.
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blocks defect 0047877 closed prakashmurugesan88 Sometimes extra scrolling needs to be done for scrolling ticket lines 
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