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0047893: Payment option not shown after return of product in the same receipt
the web POS is showing some erratic behavior while adding new product after a return of a product in the same receipt. If the line has been returned in the same receipt the new product is shown as "change", if payed by cash, or "overpayment", if payed by card, and it doesn't allow the customer to make a new payment for that product. The web POS always show the change as the different between the Total_amount and the paid amount. So if the amount of the new product exceeds the amount of the returned product the change doesn't reflect the amount to pay for the new product.
Step 1: Add one product (150€) to the ticket and make it as return line.
Step 2: Click on total amount and add the payment method((cash).
Step 3: Navigate back to the product addition and add another product(169€).
Step 4: Again select the total amount(19€) and add the payment, it will show change as 131€ and cash as 19€.
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png Screenshot from 2021-10-20 11-52-04.png (123,698) 2021-10-20 12:05
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