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0047834POS2POSpublic2021-10-05 17:472021-10-22 13:11
0047834: JIRA 2249 - When loading an existing order, product details linked to sales order is not loaded
When opening a existing sales order, only the product id and the name of the product of a menu component is retrieved

Because of that, there are missing information for custom process
Create a new order with a menu and complete it

Look for this order in "Sales" window and do a verified return of all the product.

Check the data avaible the "menu lines" of the menu
=> only menu id and name are available
Load data linked to the componenet product like done for regular product and menu or when completing a new order
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duplicate of backport 0047881TAP closed guilleaer Required data to work with productBoms is not being loaded when working with Restaurants menus 
blocks defect 0047814 closed prakashmurugesan88 JIRA 2396 - When loading an existing order, product details linked to sales order is not loaded 
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